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  • Fishing Ideas August 19, 2016
    Hi i am new to the fishing world. can somebody suggest me the fishing tips and ticks so that it becomes easier for me for fishing. Sorry
  • Looking for old time round 'plastic' bobber to use as slip float. July 27, 2016
    Hello folks, As the title says, I'm looking for the old time red/white 'plastic' bobbers that could be used as a slip float. ( I don't really care wh
  • Is the Zoom Trick Worm supposed to float? July 18, 2016
    Hello, I purchased some Zoom Trick Worms that I through were supposed to float. I put one in a sink filled with water and the worm sank easily. From
  • Looking for a big dip net for minnows. July 15, 2016
    Hello Folks, I want to get a large dip net to catch bait. In general I will put the net in the water near weeds and use a stick to scar bait into th


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